Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Setup and Installation

Q: How do I register for the Online Banking?
A: You will need to re-register for online banking with your current member number. Follow the simple and easy steps below.

Visit our website and click on the Online Banking icon found in the top right hand corner.

Click ‘New to Online Banking’.

Click on 'Register Now' and enter your member number.

Select whether you would like to receive your One-Time-Password (OTP) via SMS, Email or Landline. You will be sent your OTP via the method you have chosen.

Enter your 'OTP" and click 'Verify'.

You need to select a password between 8-16 characters long, enter it twice and click 'Continue'.

Last step is to select a secret question from the drop-down box, enter the answer, click 'Continue' and you will now be automatically logged into your Internet Banking Account.

Reminder: This is a one-time process. Next time you log into Online Banking, enter your member number and the new password you have recently set-up.

For further assistance, contact us on 1300 000 775.

Q: What is a One Time Password (OTP)?
A: OTP is a secondary authentication process which is used to confirm your identity and help keep your accounts and information secure.

You will be able to receive your OTP via SMS, Email or Landline. You will only be able to use password once.

If you are experiencing difficulties please contact us on 1300 000 775.

Q: Why do I need a Secret Question?
A: This will allow you to be identified when you call our contact centre, visit us in branch, if you have forgotten or if you would like to change your password for Internet Banking.

If you are experiencing difficulties please contact us on 1300 000 775.

Q: How many times can I attempt to log in with my Password?
A: Online Banking allows three login attempts before blocking access to your accounts. Contact us on 1300 000 775 for information about getting your password reset.


Technical Requirements

Q: What are the Technical Requirements?
A: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge can be used to access Online Banking.

The minimum version numbers of these browsers that you should use to access the Online Banking service are:

Use your browser's ‘Help’ function if you are unsure of your browser's current version number

Q: How do I update my browser?

A: For support assistance or to update your browser please refer to the relevant site:



Q: Is RSL Money Online Banking Safe?

A: Yes, RSL Money uses industry-standard VeriSign Class 3 encryption to help keep you safe while transacting with us online.

Each time you connect to Internet Banking your browser is sent a digital certificate. This certificate securely identifies the site you are connecting to, and is used to establish the encrypted session. You can confirm your Internet banking session is encrypted by the appearance of a "lock" symbol at the foot of your browser.

Online Banking will also time out after 15 minutes of inactivity. We recommend that you never leave your Online Banking site open if you leave the computer you are working on. Log out of Online Banking and re-enter at a later time if required.

If you notice any unusual transactions on your account, please contact us immediately on 1300 000 775.

Troubleshoot FAQs

Q: How do I delete Temporary Files/Cache and Cookies from my Internet?
A: By clearing your cookies and cache, you will remove all stored data that relates to any website you have visited. This may include data that has become corrupted.

This will allow your browser to look up website information again and download the most current data relating to that site.

Please note: This may temporarily slow down your web browsing experience as previously stored data will need to be downloaded again.

To clear the temporary files/cache and cookies open your browser and follow the steps below:

Internet Explorer 8

1. Go to Tools menu and click on Internet Options
2. Under the Browsing History section choose Delete
3. Tick Delete Files and Delete Cookies and click Delete

Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to Tools and click Clear Recent History or for Mac Clear Private Data
2. Select Everything from the drop down list
3. Tick Cookies and Cache then click Clear Now or Clear Private Data for Mac

Google Chrome

1. Click the Chrome Menu on the browser toolbar
2. Select Settings
3. Click Show Advanced Settings
4. In the “Privacy” section, click the Content Settings Button
5. In “Cookies” section, click All Cookies and Site Data...
6. In “Cookies and Site Data”, click Remove All and Done

Safari (PC)

1. Click the Edit menu and click Reset Safari
2. You will need to tick Empty

Safari (Mac)

1. Click the Safari menu and click Reset Safari

Q: Why am I having difficulties logging into RSL Money Online Banking? (System Unavailable)
A: There are occasions when we plan for RSL Money Online Banking to be unavailable, primarily to improve the services we provide you online in the long term, or for our scheduled upgrade activities.

All planned times when RSL Money Online Banking will be unavailable are generally announced 1 or 2 days prior through News feed located on the primary landing page.

Q: How do I improve my internet speed?
A: Power cycle (reboot my Modem/Router)

If you are experiencing a slow Internet connection or your Internet browser is taking a long time to go from one page to another you may need to reboot your computer and modem/router.

By rebooting your modem/router it will force a re-establishment of your internet connection. This may help improve browsing and download speed and thus connect to a website faster.

To power cycle (reboot) your modem/router, please follow these steps:

1. Switch off and unplug the power from your modem/router
2. Leave unplugged for 30 seconds
3. Plug the power back into the modem/router and verify that you are again connected to the Internet
4. Log into

Q: How can we help?
A: If the above Troubleshooting FAQ’s did not resolve your query or you have any further questions call us on 1300 000 775 or +61 2 8241 2391 (overseas).

In order for us to assist you efficiently could you please have the following information ready?

Transaction Limit FAQs

Q: What are my Transaction Limits?
A: Transfer limit to another RSL Money member = $5,000
Transfer limit to another financial institution within Australia = $5,000
BPAY Payment limit = $5,000