Cheques FAQ

Where can I deposit cheques?
You can deposit cheques at all Australia Post offices that offer Bank@Post.

Is there a fee for depositing a cheque at Bank@Post?
No, there is no fee incurred for deposits and withdrawals using Bank@Post.

How do I know which Australia Post office is participating Bank@Post?
Please visit the website or click on the link to find out.
Bank@Post - Australia Post (

What is the maximum $ amount in cheques that I can deposit at Bank@Post?
Maximum limit is $999,999.00.

How long will it take for my cheque to be deposited and cleared funds shown in my account using Bank@Post?
Cheque clearance time will be 7 working days. 

Do I need a card to make a cheque deposit at Bank@Post?
Yes, you will need an Australian Military bank or RSL Money card to deposit cheques at Bank@Post. The card holder name must match the payee’s name on the cheque.

What do I do with my cheque if I do not want or hold a current AMB or RSL Money Visa card?
You can go back to the issuer of the cheque and request an alternative payment method so you can receive your funds in a faster and more secure way.

What if I do not hold a visa debit/credit card?
We have fast and safe banking alternatives which are available for your convenience:
• Direct Debit – Set up regular bills using your account number and BSB to debit your account.
• BPAY – Pay your bills using a BPAY biller code.
• PayID – Send and Receive payments using your mobile number or email address.
• PayTo – for real time direct debit payments.

What if I need a bank cheque?
Bank cheques will no longer be offered from 29 March 2024. We can offer alternative payment methods as above. 

What happens if a member written cheque gets presented after the 29th March 2024?
All cheques presented from 2nd April 2024 will be dishonoured. We will contact affected members directly to offer alternative ways to transfer funds.

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